• Registration, Welcome and coffee breaks will be in M/0.37
  • Lunches will be in M/1.02 (next to the UCAS room)
  • All Talks and Poster Sessions will be held in M/0.40
  • Round Table Session for female participants will be held in M/1.25
  • Download Abstract Booklet



10.00-11.15: Welcome, coffee and registration – M/0.37

11.15-11.30: Introduction

11.30-12.15: John Ball : Nucleation and microstructure in martensitic phase transformations

12.30-13.30 Lunch – M/1.02

13.45-14.30:  Apala Majumdar : Uniaxial versus Biaxial Character of Landau-de Gennes Minimizers in Three Dimensions

14.35-15.20: Matteo Novaga : Models of charged drops

15.25-15.50: Coffee break – M/0.37

15.55-16.40:  Nikos Katzourakis : Higher order L∞ variational problems and the ∞-Polylaplacian

16.45-17.15:  William Feldman : Some results on stochastic homogenization of non-convex Hamilton-Jacobi equations



9.45-10.30:  Terry Lyons : TBA

10.35-11.00: Coffee break – M/0.37

11.05-11.50: Scott Armstrong : Quantitative results in stochastic homogenization for divergence-form equations

11.55-12.40: Panagiotis E. Souganidis : Scalar conservation laws with nonlinear multiplicative rough signal 

12.45- 13.45: Lunch – M/1.02

14.00-14.45:  Gui-Qiang Chen : Multidimensional Shock waves and Free boundary problems for Nonlinear PDEs of Mixed Type

14.35-15.35:  Postgraduates Session

15.25-15.50: Coffee break – M/0.37

15.55-16.55: Postgraduates Session

19.00-20.00: Social Dinner



9.45-10.30:  Martino Bardi : Liouville properties of fully nonlinear possibly degenerate elliptic operators and some applications

10.35-11.00: Coffee break – M/0.37

11.05-11.50: Pierre Cardaliaguet : The master equation and the convergence problem in Mean Field Games

12.00-13.00: Round table “Women in Maths” with the participation of Pro-VC Prof. Karen Holford – M/1.25

12.30-13.30: Lunch – M/1.02

13.45-14.30: Claudio Marchi : Mean Field Games on Networks

14.35- 15.20: Annalisa Cesaroni : Homogenization of a semilinear heat equation

15.25-15.50: Coffee break – M/0.37

15.55-16.25: Ermal Feleqi : Hölder continuity for  solutions of eikonal equations

16.30-17.00: Vinh Nguyen : Generalized junction conditions for degenerate parabolic equations



9.45-10.30:  Nicola Garofalo : New monotonicity formulas in free boundary problems and their applications

10.35-11.00: Coffee break – M/0.37

11.05-11.50: Bianca Stroffolini : A tour of Lipschitz truncations

11.55-12.40: Giovanna Citti : TBA

12.45- 13.45: Lunch – M/1.02

14.00-14.45: Laura Caravenna : Surprise and predictability in bounded sources of non-convex balance laws

14.50-15.35: Patrick Dondl : A phase field model for Willmore’s energy with topological constraint

15.40-16.05: Coffee – M/0.37

16.10-16.40: Harsha Hutridurga : Convergence along mean flows

16.45-17.15: Ben Fehrman : Pathwise Well-Posedness of the Fast Diffusion Equation with Affine Multiplicative Noise

17:20-17:50 Augusto Gerolin : On a class of Optimal Transport problems with repulsive cost functions



9.20-10.05:  Mikhail Cherdantsev : Everywhere discontinuous anisotropy of thin periodic composite plates

10.10-10.55: Kirill Cherednichenko : Homogenisation in finite elasticity for composites with a high contrast in the vicinity of rigid-body motions

10.55-11.05: Coffee break – M/0.37

11.05-11.50: Elaine Crooks : Compensated convexity, multiscale medial axis maps, and sharp regularity of the squared distance function



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